Whitecrow Holdings


Whitecrow Holdings, LLC is focused on three short-term goals: (1) obtaining high quality white rhum agricole; (2) contracting with a historic chateau in France wherein our rhum will be barreled and aged; and (3) developing our brand identity and marketing strategy.


101 6th Avenue, 9th Floor, Suite 020
Manhattan, New York 10013

Telephone: +1 908 864 7193
Email: info@whitecrowholdings.com


Whitecrow Holdings, LLC was formed by its partners to manage the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of a new brand of high-end "rhum agricole," which is rum prepared in the exacting French tradition directly from freshly-pressed sugarcane juice rather than from processed ingredients like molasses.

Our organization is presently in the initial phases of product development and focused on the following three short-term goals: (1) contracting with a distillery in the French territory of Martinique to obtain white rhum agricole; (2) finalizing the licensing agreement with a historic chateau in France wherein our rhum will be aged in charred French oak barrels until golden brown; and (3) through partnership with a marketing firm experienced in the nightlife and beverage industries, developing our brand identity and strategy.